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Still time to lose weight for summer!

Posted on July 10, 2013 at 10:21 AM
With summer finally here and the realization that we never quite achieved our weight loss goals it can be a little disheartening. There may still time though before that vacation hits. The key is on the plate and with a few adjustments you could loss eight to ten pounds in four weeks.  

If it doesn't look like much on your plate, don't be fooled into believing its low in calories too. The truth is gram for gram, fat packs in more than double the calories of protein or carbohydrate so an innocent looking little croissant can actually contain more calories than six slices of wholegrain toast. So, if you want to lose weight but don't like feeling hungry check out these simple food swaps that can help prevent you from eating almost 20,000 excess calories in just four short weeks. 

Swap: One cr Saving oissant with jam and butter. Kcal: 430 Fat: 26g oissant with jam and butter. Kcal: 430 Fat: 26g 
Equivalent to: Six slices of wholegrain toast with low fat spread
Kcal: 444 Fat: 12g 
For: Cinnamon or maple banana toast. One slice of stone-ground wholemeal toast topped with sliced or mashed banana and a drizzle of maple syrup or a sprinkling of cinnamon. Kcal: 144 Fat: 1g 
Saving: Kcal: 286 Fat: 25g 

Swap: One slice of pepperoni pizza. Kcal: 723 Fat: 31g 
Equivalent to: Eight bowls of prawn salad. Kcal: 728 Fat: 6g 
For: Prawn salad. Simply throw together some rocket and spinach leaves in a bowl with some halved cherry tomatoes, some slices of cucumber and  three or four cooked king prawns then  drizzle a little sweet chilli sauce or a little low fat salad dressing over the top. Kcal: 218 Fat: 2g 
Saving: Kcal: 505 Fat: 29g 

Swap: One cheese and salad baguette. Kcal: 726 Fat: 40g 
Equivalent to: 10 medium sized baked sweet potatoes. Kcal: 750 Fat: 5g 
For: Baked sweet potato. One medium sized baked sweet potato topped with two tablespoons of baked beans. This high fibre, low fat, slow releasing lunch will fend off hunger and keep you full of energy for the rest of the day. Kcal: 226 Fat: 1g 
Saving: Kcal: 500 Fat:39g 

Swap: One fresh cream cake. Kcal: 336 Fat: 22g 
Equivalent to: 15 biscuits. Kcal: 330 Fat: 12g 
For: One oatcake topped with fresh strawberries, grapes, raspberries or sliced apple. Kcal: 58 Fat: 1.5g 
Saving: Kcal: 278 Fat: 20.5g 

Swap: One Pork Pie. Kcal: 526 38g 
Equivalent to: Nine crisp breads topped with cottage cheese, tomato and cucumber
Kcal: 540 at: 12g 
For: Dip a couple crisp breads or hot sliced wholemeal pita bread in some fresh tomato salsa. Kcal: 82 Fat: 0g
Saving: Kcal: 444 Fat: 38g 

Swap: One portion of readymade lasagne. Kcal: 687 Kcal Fat: 46g 
Equivalent to: Five bowls of vegetable stir fry. Kcal: 664 Fat: 47g 
For: Give your body a boost of immune strengthening vitamin C and energy giving iron by stir frying some thin strips of lean rump steak, red and green peppers, carrots, garlic and some finely shredded spring cabbage in a little shop bought stir fry sauce. Kcal: 285 Fat: 9g 
Saving: Kcal: 402 Fat: 37g 

Swap: One Chocolate Bar. Kcal: 346 Fat: 19g 
Equivalent to: Seven apples. Kcal: 329 Fat: 0.8g 
For: Variety is the spice of life so try some fruits you wouldn't usually eat such as fresh apricots, cherries, fresh figs, Sharon fruit, star fruit, slices of fresh pineapple or treat yourself to a tub of sweet, ripe blueberries.
Kcal: Approx 50 Fat: 0g 
Saving: Kcal: 296 Fat: 19g 

Swap: Half a carton of last nights chicken tikka masala with remaining half a naan
Kcal: 968 Fat: 34g 
Equivalent to: Nine bowls of Heinz Creamy Tomato Soup. Kcal: 113 Fat: 6g 
For: Have one bowl of canned tomato soup with a high fibre, wholegrain roll and a large green salad. Kcal: 194 Fat: 8g 
Saving: Kcal: 672 Fat: 26g

One cooked breakfast. Kcal: 1220 Fat: 91 g 
Equivalent to: Eight servings of baked beans. 
For: Have two slices of lean grilled bacon, a grilled, sliced tomato, grilled mushrooms and some freshly chopped basil leaves on a slice of stone-ground wholemeal toast.
Kcal: 243 Fat: 9g 
Saving: Kcal: 977 Fat: 82g 

Swap: Half a tub of luxury ice-cream. Kcal: 665 Fat: 43g 
Equivalent to: Nine and a half servings of jelly. Kcal: 665 Fat: 0g 
For: A bowl of fruit sorbet. Kcal: 308 Fat: 0g 
Saving: Kcal: 357 Fat: 43g

Simple changes really can go a long way and when combined with the right fitness program that beach body is within reach. It just requires a little determination and a short commitment that just might become a lifestyle change once you see the great results. 

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