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Free intense workout!

Posted on October 10, 2012 at 4:44 PM
Ok so you think you're in shape, you think because you've completed one circuit of P90X you're strong, fit and there isn't a workout there that could kick your butt again. Guess what, you're wrong!

This workout is for any one brave enough to try, just don't come crying to me when you fail. If you complete it, leave a comment at the bottom with your time. If you fail, leave a comment telling us how far you got. The person completing the workout in the quickest time before December 31st, 2012 gets a free $100 gift card! Don't lie about it though, you have to prove you can do it either in person or live on cam. 

Don't worry if you can't complete a set without stopping, just take a break and keep going from where you left off before moving to the next exercise.

Ok, so here it is!

99 Jumping Jacks
99 second - plank on forearms
99 Squats
99 Push ups
99 crunches

10-30 second rest - Get some water!

88 Squat Jumps
88 Second - Side Plank on right forearm 
88 Alternating Lunges
88 Dips
88 Reverse Crunches

10-30 second rest - Get some water!

77 Steps ups
77 Second - SIde plank on left forearm
77 Walking Lunges 
77 Push ups with feet on a bench/chair
77 Oblique crunches 

10-30 second rest - Get some water!

66 Burpee's
66 Second - Plank on straight arms 
66 Side Lunges (66 each side)
66 Military push ups
66 Sit ups

10-30 second rest - Get some water if you have quit yet!

55 Mountain climbers
55 Second - Plank on forearms 
55 Transverse Lunges (55 each side)
55 Diamond push ups
55 V- crunches

10-30 second rest - Get some water! This is where it starts to get easy!

44 Ice skaters
44 Second - Side plank on right straight arm
44 Squat with front kick
44 Dive Bombers
44 Side Crunches

10-30 second rest - Water! 

33 Tuck jumps
33 Second - Side plank on left straight arm
33 Laying side leg raises (That's 33 each side)
33 Push ups
33 Crunches

10-30 second rest - Get some water! 

Awesome, now go for a 3K run/walk/crawl  

When you get back post your name and time! Good luck!

Categories: Exercise